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Purpose and New Additions

These forums were created with the intention of providing the best possible tech without all the added fluff and mis-information that seems to plauge the internet. In keeping with this theme the staff has decided to further expand our EEC tuning knowledge base. With a number of our regular members dabbling in different parts of the EEC, we feel that our collective knowledge can benefit not only our population, but others seeking EEC tech.

We have discussed many different options to enhance the service to EEC tuners. Approaching different forums and websites for possible partnerships yielded no results. It was decided that a on-site file archive covering not just one software package, but all things EEC was needed. The EEC Tuning Archive was added to facilitate this need.

But all this high powered service won't work unless we have the user support. Please participate and add files that you think would be beneficial to our goal. Please keep in mind that all files will be monitored and have to be pre-approved by a file moderator before they are available for download. This is for security reasons, not only for your safety, but of this forum too.

If you have any questions please ask here.
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Re: Purpose and New Additions


We realize that the EEC Archive is not working right now. Please bear with us while we try to get it back online
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If you notice I have created new subforums to clean up the threads a bit. If you have a Tweecer, Moates, or handheld tuner please post in the appropriate subforum.

This main room will serve as generic questions in relation to tunes
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