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Rear Suspension Installation

This write up will cover the how-to basics of upgrading your rear suspension components; springs, shocks, upper and lower control arms to be specific. Well, let's get started.

1. Jack up the rear of the car and support with jack stands under the axle housing AND frame. Remove wheels for easy access to suspension components. **Only placing stands under the axle will result in car falling once the spring is removed.**


2. If the quad shocks are being replaced this would be the time to do so, however we elected to stay with the stock pieces at the time.


3. From the hatch or trunk, use an impact wrench for easy removal of the upper shock mounting nut and bushing.


4. From under the car, remove the lower shock mounting bolt. The old shock can now be removed.


5. Here you can see the correct order of bushing and washers. (the nut, washer, and upper bushing to be installed once the shock is in place) The OEM nut/bushing can be discarded with the stock shock as it is unique to the Ford piece. New shocks come with the necessary hardware and bushings.

**Do not forget to prime new shocks prior to installation!**


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