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im in the market for a new h-pipe, i have an off-road one already, unknown brand, anyone bought the summit brand on its only like $100, what does everybody else have or know of a good deal, oh i broke off one o-2 sensor trying to replace them both, neither would budge with heat, pd blast, wd-40 vise grips, 10" pipe wrench and 6' cheater pipe, was able to fix drivers side but it looks like ass and i still need to put a new one in the passengers side, since the check engine light still comes on after driving it a while
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only midpipes I have run are the MAC prochamber, VRS X-pipe, and some cheap ass h-pipe (pacesetter I think) I hated the h-pipe because it was a one piece and always a pain to to install if I ever had to remove it when working underneath the car
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i have a flow tech x-pipe and its ok for what it is. Its not cheap. And it also pushed one of my tail pipes out futher. I am going to do a mac pro chamber and cat back one day. Never heard of anyone running the summit band.
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I will never put another MAC midpipe on a car after dealing with my PITA ProChamber. I love the way they sound, but the one on the Cobra didn't fit worth a damn. Every time it was taken off it was a pain to get sealed up again. My catback fit like a glove with the stock H, then I swapped midpipes and the entire exhaust system hung down about 2" in the middle and drug on stuff.
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I have the summit off road H-pipe.

I had to relocate one of the HEGO sensor bungs, and rework the crossover so that the thing fit.

But hey, it's cheap!
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