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Originally Posted by natedawgg94 View Post
so ur saying switching to a gt40 upper would be a benefit?
which one? the tubular like a lightning? Probably.

Maybe I am miscommunicating Your intake is a GT-40 intake (upper and lower) There are variations of the intake.

All of these are 'considered' a GT-40 type intake

93 Cobra
94-95 Cobra
93-95 Lightning (tublular intake)
V-8 Explorer
Your motorsport svo intake
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yes like the lightning or would get the same result from a spacer say 1/2" or 1"? also is there any difference in the saleen intake for the supercharged car? these are pretty rare from what i've seen just curious.......

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saleen intake is the Holley Systemax...also the Vortech intake. All the same and VERY good intake for just about everything..especially boost.
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