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S197- Using the CC on/off switch for Line Lock activation

The below diagrams show you how you can wire a line lock into the CC switch of the S197. The second one shows you how to add a seperate switch so that you can control whether the CC button operates normally and with a flip of a switch can turn into a line lock control.

Italian had my horn button wired up like this on the 93 and I loved it! (I am big on keeping OEM street car functions in a strip car) You flip the toggle one way and the horn worked as normal, flip it the other way and it operated the line lock only..

Here is a couple wiring diagrams I made to show you how to hook up the cruise control button on the steering wheel to be used to activate the line locks. One is for dedicating the CC button to just work the line lock solenoid and the other one is a diagram to be able to switch between using the CC switch for line lock activation or cruise control.

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